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Successful trial production of type 8 PVC resin


Xinjiang Tianye Zhongfa Chemical Co., Ltd., based on the production of type 1-7 polyvinyl chloride resin, has successfully produced Type 8 resin, which has expanded the product application field. At present, all 8 PVC resins produced by the company are used for export.

Zhongfa Chemical mainly produces 1-7 polyvinyl chloride resins. Type 8 polyvinyl chloride resin is used in calendered extruded hard films for food packaging and industrial applications, as well as extruded foamed rigid films, blow molded bottles, injection molded fittings, etc., due to the harsh reaction conditions, high process requirements, and difficult quality As a result, there are few manufacturers currently producing Type 8 polyvinyl chloride resin in China.

In May of this year, Zhongfa Chemical immediately established a technical research team after receiving orders for Type 8 PVC resin. They have overcome the difficulties associated with less data, and based on active communication and communication with experts, relying on their own rich production experience to carry out technological research, they produced 8.9 tons of type 8 resin during trial production, and tested various indicators and technical parameters. Both reached the first grade or above, and the feeding was successful once.
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